Professionally Produced Custom Karaoke TracksBacking tracks for the accompaniment needs of entertainers whether they are in Tampa Bay, FL or nationwide

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We Create Custom Karaoke Tracks for Performers located in Tampa Bay, FL or Nationwide

With our cutting edge suite of tools, we can produce backing tracks that are in a different key than the original version and more!

During recording in our Tampa Bay, FL studio, our headphones of choice are JBLs.

At EarthTone Music Productions, we have seen a steady increase in the popularity of performers using custom karaoke tracks, which are also sometimes referred to as backing tracks. Using our suite of cutting edge tools, we can create custom instrumental tracks of most songs.

The custom karaoke tracks we produce can be made to sound like the original version of the song, or we can make it fit your needs. For example, we have the capability to:

  • Place the song in a different key
  • Speed up or slow down the tempo
  • Change some of the instrumentation
  • Modify the arrangement (add an extra chorus at the end, for example)

We can take care of the custom backing track needs for anyone located within the greater Tampa Bay, Florida or even nationwide!

Who May Need To Use Custom Backing Tracks

Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Lebron of Toronto uses custom backing tracks produced by EarthTone Music Productions.

There are about as many uses for custom karaoke tracks as there are different types of musicians. In general, the types of uses for custom backing tracks that we see from our clients include such things as:

1 - Musicians Who Perform In Small Venues

If you are a vocalist or an instrumentalist who mainly performs in venues that don’t have the space for you to include other musicians, backing tracks are a logical way to get the full ensemble sound while dealing with the compromise of available space.

2 - Solo Act Vocalists

Some vocalists who may not have access to other musicians or have their own band can use custom karaoke tracks that we produce. In this way, they can possess backing tracks of their entire repertoire, whether they are original songs or cover tunes.

3 - Musicians Dealing With Limited Budgets

We have produced custom karaoke tracks for performers who deal with a budget that limits them from hiring other musicians. Generally, this happens because the venue or event cannot pay enough money to justify hiring a full band.

This is a common scenario that we find why artists from across the Tampa Bay, Florida region seek out our custom karaoke track production services.

4 - Entertainers Who Cannot Find The Version of The Song They Need

If you are a musician, DJ, or other entertainer that is in need of a particular version of a song that you cannot find a backing track for, our custom karaoke track production services is the perfect solution.

Whether you already have sheet music or we work to piece together the music by ear, we can produce custom karaoke tracks of the version you have been seeking.

Call For A Consultation On Custom Karaoke Tracks For Your Accompaniment Needs

At EarthTone Music Productions, we are experts at producing professional quality custom karaoke tracks. Whether you live somewhere in or around Tampa Bay, Florida, or you are located elsewhere in the United States, we can produce and deliver custom karaoke tracks that will fill your accompaniment needs.

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