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Musicians In & Around Tampa Bay, FL Bring Their Recorded Tracks To EarthTone Music Productions For Mastering

We provide mastering for musicians with recorded tracks or for musicians wanting our full music production package.

Most mastering is done with software, but some is still done with analog mixers.

No music recording can be considered complete until it has been mastered. Mastering the final mix of your music tracks is always the last step of your production.

When it comes to mastering a recorded mix, great care is taken to keep a uniform sound throughout the songs involved. This is why it is crucial to have your mastering done by a professional who has been in the trenches and understands the requirements of the situation.

At EarthTone Music Productions, we have mastered the final recorded mix for musicians based all over the Tampa Bay, Florida area and other parts of the US as well. Bring your recorded tracks to us, or take advantage of our full music production package and have us produce your recording from the ground up!

What is Mastering

Often times if someone tries to explain what mastering is, you will hear cliched words like “polish” and “sparkle” associated with mastering. We like to give our clients more substantial answers to their questions!

We can define mastering in a nutshell as using a combination of tools, critical listening, and comparison to reference tracks in order to achieve the desired volume and clarity for your music. This is done so that your track will fit right in with a playlist of whatever genre it is.

Typically with mastering, the artist will provide reference tracks that give an example of the sound that the artist would like to match. For example, a reggae artist may provide tracks from Bob Marley because that is the overall sound they are trying to achieve with their music production.

Certain considerations are thought about, such as:

  • Is the song too loud or too low
  • Is there too much of any particular there too much mid-range, low-end, etc.
  • How well do the levels of one song match those of another within the project
  • How well does your track compare in sound to that of the provided reference track(s)

Then, there are the goals of:

  1. Having your music maintain as consistent a sound as possible, no matter what set of speakers or headphones you use to listen to it.
  2. Maintaining a consistent sound in your music, no matter what media it is consumed on (download, stream, or dare we say CD or even Vinyl).

Mastering is arguably the most difficult aspect of audio engineering because of the challenge of achieving a homogeneous sound across different platforms.

The term often used in the past for producing a master of the final mix was “making your music radio-ready”.

Call Us to Enhance Your Recorded Tracks With Our Mastering Services

At EarthTone Music Productions we are happy to provide mastering services for the recorded tracks of musicians all over the Tampa Bay, Florida area. We use tools such as Isotope Ozone 5 and the IK Multimedia Tracks suite. You can have access to our mastering services either as part of a full music production or as a stand-alone service.

To find out more about how mastering will enhance your recorded tracks, call us at (813)438-4189. We welcome all genres of music.