Drum Replacement Using High-End SamplesWe augment drum recordings with software that inserts the perfect sound, while capturing the perfect performance

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The Music Productions of Artists Across Tampa Bay, FL Are Enhanced With Our Drum Replacement Software & Techniques

Drum tracks are provided with the feel of a live drummer and the crisp drum sounds of big-budget music recordings.

This Tampa Bay, FL artist had a small bass drum, so we used drum replacement to give his drum set a bigger bass drum sound.

Getting great live drum sounds can be tough, but now you don't have to settle. At EarthTone Music Productions, we can replace your drum sounds with our high-end drum samples.

As long as you have reasonable separation between your drum tracks, we can turn a mediocre sounding drum kit into a top of the line sounding set with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In modern, big-budget music recordings drum replacement is commonplace. But there is no reason why recording artists in and around the Tampa Bay, Florida area can’t benefit from such a difference-making production tool!

Our drum replacement software and techniques bring the best of both worlds...the feel of a live player and the crisp clean sounds that you want.

What is Drum Replacement

In a nutshell, drum replacement (also sometimes called sample replacement) is a technique used in recording productions where live drums are recorded, but the sounds are either replaced or added to by samples of drums that have a more ideal sound.

Drum replacement has been around since the 1970s! Roger Nichols is the producer that’s credited with pioneering drum replacement during recording sessions with Steely Dan.

In today’s music, drum replacement has become as common as auto-tuning. And with the incredible fidelity, depth, and richness of modern sampling technology drum replacement can add amazing presence to the recordings of artists on limited budgets.

Why Use Drum Replacement

Contemporary Christian drummer recording in our Tampa Bay, FL studio.

Recording an acoustic drum set has a lot of challenges that present themselves. First of all, there is the consideration that a drum set is not one instrument, as is the common perception held by your casual music fan. Drum sets are actually an ensemble of multiple instruments...snare drum, bass drum, ride cymbal, and so on.

Having so many extra instruments at such close proximity adds a certain level of complexity towards capturing their sounds.

By using drum replacement during the mixing process, your producer and recording engineer can get rid of such annoyances as:

  • The sound of one drum bleeding into the mic of another drum
  • Sympathetic ringing from the shell of drums that were not struck
  • Sympathetic ringing from the drumheads of drums that were not struck

These blemishes, as minor as they may at times be, can make all the difference between a good recording and a great recording.

Other reasons to use drum replacement would be to construct the sound that is envisioned for that particular song, or to better match the type of drum sounds that are associated with that genre of music.

Call for Information on Enhancing Your Music Production With Drum Replacement

We are very experienced with using the technique of drum replacement in music productions. Many of our clients are pop artists, gospel artists, and contemporary Christian groups from the Tampa Bay, Florida area that we often use drum replacement with in order to achieve the signature drum sound of those genres.

That said, drum replacement is a useful tool that can be used in any genre of music!

To find out more about how our drum replacement software can enhance your music production give us a call at (813)438-4189. We would be happy to provide you with information or to offer you audio samples of this modern production tool in action.