Professional Voice-Over RecordingAvailable for radio ads, narrations, and more in the Tampa Bay, FL area and throughout the nation.

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Tampa Bay's First-Rate Studio For Voice-Over Recording & Production

Voice-over recording for radio commercials, audition clips, DJ drops on mixtapes, narrations, and more are available for our clients in Tampa Bay, FL and beyond.

A voice-over actor from Tampa Bay, FL during a recording session.

At EarthTone Music Productions, we are happy to be able to offer our production services for anyone in or around the Tampa Bay, Florida area in need of doing voice-over recording sessions.

Recording voice-overs require a little bit of a different approach than recording music. We are a recording studio and production company with the experience and expertise required to create the best results possible from your voice-over production.

Narration, radio commercials, audition clips, intros for DJ matter what type of scenario or what size the project is you may need to have voice-over recordings for, we can handle your production from start to finish in a manner that has established us as a first-rate studio for recording and production.

Our 3 Most Common Types of Voice-Over Productions

Radio commercials are among our most popular voice-over services.

There is a surprising amount of variation to the types of voice-over productions that can be done. However, the sessions that are most common for us to do include such things as:

1 - Radio Commercials

A good portion of the clients we receive for voice-over production are companies or agencies in need of a radio commercial.

Though these recordings tend to be the shortest in length in terms of the final product, they also can be some of the most challenging in terms of the production process. This is because radio ads will often include music and even sound effects in addition to the voice tracks.

One piece of advice that we like to give our radio commercial voice-over clients is to take into consideration what the objective is for the radio ad, when trying to determine what the length of it should be.

Generally speaking, radio ads come in 2 varieties with regards to objectives:

  • Branding Objectives - These are commercials that have the goal of instilling a certain belief or perception of a company, product, or service. Radio commercials such as these will usually be longer in length because they are trying to build a case.
  • Promotional Objectives - Any radio ads that are trying to direct its audience towards taking a certain action would fall under the category of a promotional commercial. Because they are essentially call to actions, it is best to utilize a shorter format so that the point of the radio commercial can be delivered as efficiently as possible.

Some of the more common radio ad lengths used around the Tampa Bay, Florida area are 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds.

2 - DJ Drops, Voice Drops, & Track Intros for Mixtapes

Mixtapes are still a popular item in the subculture of Tampa Bay, FL

If you are a DJ, rapper, or other entertainer that creates mixtapes and playlists, you can come to EarthTone Music Productions for your track intros, DJ drops, or voice drops.

DJ drops, voice drops, track intro...these all have been a staple on mixtapes from the very beginning.

Mixtapes have been around for decades. The term “mixtape” is just a word to use that describes a medley or combination of songs that have been arranged together as a sort of playlist. When mixtapes first came into existence they were actual cassette tapes. Over time the medium used has evolved from cassette tapes, to CDs, to MP3s, USB flash drives, streaming, and so on.

3 - Audiobook Narration

If you are an author and are looking to create an audio version of your book, we can do a voice-over production where you can be the narrator, you can hire a vocal talent, or we can provide a voice actor for you.

Authors offering an audio version of their work is a growing trend because it allows their audience to consume their work during long commutes to work and other times when it may not be convenient to read a book.

Call Us to Book Your Voice-Over Sessions

No matter if you are an author, a company advertising a product, a rapper, a DJ, or someone else in need of a recording studio that can record voice-over sessions, we can offer you a voice-over production that is professional quality and expertly executed.

We are available to answer any questions you may have and would be happy to have you book a session with us for your voice-over needs. Our services are available in Tampa Bay, Florida and beyond by calling (813)438-4189.