Experienced & Professional Session MusiciansAvailable for the recording sessions and productions of our clients from around the Tampa Bay, FL area

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We Can Provide Session Musicians From the Greater Tampa Bay, Florida Area

Our session players will augment your project and can cover most instruments you could need.

Producer John Zych giving direction to two session players for the project of one of his clients.

In those situations when you are in a song production project and you want the feel and the vibe that human musicians can bring to your song, we have the ability to provide you with session players.

We have access to some of the best session players that can be found in the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area. Our roster of session musicians covers just about any instrument you could need for your recording project. Also, the session players that we use on productions all have a good deal of experience and have a lot of recording projects under their belts.

If you are looking to augment midi tracks or record exclusively with actual musicians, EarthTone Music Productions can cover any of the instrumentalist needs of your project!

What Is A Session Player

Session musicians are more than just an instrument you call in to play a part you need for your song during the recording process. Often times session players are specialists at a particular thing that you are trying to capture.

For example, perhaps you have written a jazz song that requires a trumpet part with very high notes. In this situation, you would need a trumpeter who specializes in being able to perform high notes. Or, maybe you are in need of a guitar session player who can do a great imitation of BB King for a blues song that you wrote.

Not every recording situation requires a specialist. There are plenty of times when what you need is a good musician who is versatile and not rattled by the pressure of needing to capture the perfect performance in as few takes as possible.

The roster of session musicians that we have from throughout Tampa Bay includes guitarists, bassists, drummers, saxophonists and other horn players, vocalists, keyboard players, and a host of others.

The Benefits of Using Session Musicians

A session player's guitar amplifier is being miked for a recording production in Tampa Bay, Florida

There are a number of benefits that can come with using session musicians for your recording production. The obvious one is being able to add the feel that only a talented live performer can provide. However, other benefits include:

  • Having an experienced session musician that can cut down on the number of takes need, which ends up saving you money on studio time
  • The chance of getting input and feedback from another musician
  • Your music can end up having more soul and a richer feel
  • A session player can adapt to or augment what he or she hears going on in other parts of the music, whereas software can only do what it is programmed to do

Call Us to Enhance Your Music Production With Session Musicians

Session Musicians have been a part of the recording industry since its beginning and their contributions can be heard today in countless recordings. At EarthTone Music Productions, we are proud to be able to provide such a fundamental service to our clients.

Whether you need a player who specializes in a particular skill or a solid musician that can deliver a great performance on demand, we have a professional session musician from amongst our roster in the Tampa Bay, Florida area that can fit your needs.

In order to have us match up a session player with your project or to find out more about how a session player can enhance your music production, give us a call at (813)438-4189.